Deep Wisdom and Practical Solutions

Shari Pitts

It is my greatest honor and privilege to be a loving, witnessing, acknowledging, accepting presence in your life, gently offering you deep wisdom and practical solutions when you feel you would benefit from such support.

My intention is to help you connect with, and live more fully as, the magnificent being that you are.

My focus is to assist you in navigating the challenges and transitions you encounter in your personal life, your work life, your relationships, and/or your spiritual life, with more clarity, peace, grace, ease and love.

We can connect with angels and other inter-dimensional energies, if you like, or we can work completely on a down-to-earth basis.

"Shari’s angel readings leave me filled with new understanding about my authentic desires, energy to take exciting next steps toward my dreams, and joy and peace knowing I’ve co-created a rich, wonderful conversation with angelic guides and Shari. Her readings are truly transformational experiences and the clarity you gain about yourself is priceless. I highly recommend her."

— Dianna

To Contact Shari or Schedule a Session

Sessions are available by phone or in person in Austin, TX.
For more information or to schedule a session, call 512-821-0002 or
click here to send Shari an e-mail.

  • Shari has a crystal clear connection with the angels. Her energy is love personified. She gives to her clients from the depths of her heart. You will be greatly blessed by her words and her wisdom.”
    — Kathy
  • "Shari Pitts is a vibrant woman who can really get down to the basic issues at work. She can take what seems like a complicated and difficult situation and simplify it to its core issues. She then helps you develop a plan to address the issues causing the most difficulty in a step-by-step manner."
    — A.
  • "I want to thank you again for the reading I had with you and the Angels. Life changing and that's an understatement."
    — Lily
  • "The peace and clarity I received from our session and the angels' guidance was priceless and just what I needed! Bless you!"
    — D.
  • "Thanks ever so much for a great session. I feel so much freedom and joy. It's been a while since I felt so BIG THANKS."
    — Carol
  • "Thank you so much to your angels! I loved my reading and I have been telling all my friends -- so you will be getting emails or calls from people soon. You are truly an amazing channel."
    — Linda